How it Works June 2018

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How It Works – June 2018

  • دانلود مجله How it Works June 2018
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LIFE IN 2050
Today’s world is one filled with ideas, innovation and imagination, making us perfectly poised to speculate on what the world will become in just
over three decades. It may seem dangerous to cast our eyes so far ahead, across decades of exponential progress. But in today’s research we find the seeds of the era-defining technologies that will come to be. In the 1950s, Alan Turing considered the ‘ghost in the machine’ and challenged his contemporaries to consider whether we could truly create intelligent, if not sentient, machines. Now, with deep neural networks and other artificial intelligence approaches we find ourselves edging ever closer to an idea first posed over sixty years ago. Turing’s vision has almost been realised, and within this feature we will uncover analogous ideas that may grow, just as Turing’s vision did, into technologies that will bring similar disruption to the world of 2050.


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